Once again, Renegade Hoof Boots® were in use at the Western States 100-Mile-One-Day Trail Ride — “The Tevis Cup”. TIME Magazine once listed the Tevis in its “Top Ten” list of challenging endurance sport endeavors, and it is considered to be the world’s best known and most difficult equestrian endurance race. The trail offers up challenges such as rocks, dust, mud, stream and river crossings, and with hot and frequently humid conditions, horses produce a lot of sweat and are subject to frequent sponging/water scooping to help them cool.

It’s hard to imagine more challenging conditions for hoof boots, but once again, Renegades stood up to the task, and Renegade riders had a 67% completion rate, and no lameness pulls.

Congratulations to:

Elaine Graitge and Brown-R-Arroyo
15-year-old 1/2 Arab gelding
84th place
Renegade Vipers and Pro-Comp Glue-Ons

Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss and Hadji Halef Omar
24-year-old Arab gelding
55th place
Pro-Comp Glue-Ons

Barbara Ann Clausen and Ashquars Dream
16-year-old Arab gelding
56th place
Pro-Comp Glue-Ons

Gayle Pena and GP Bold FX+1
12-year-old 1/2 Arab gelding
83rd place
Pro-Comp Glue-Ons

Erin Glassman and PS Arikaree Bask
13-year-old 1/2 Arab mare
91st place
Pro-Comp Glue-Ons

Nicole Beck and Kenlyn Blitz
11-year-old Arab gelding
25th place
Renegade Vipers

Congratulations to all of the horses and riders who started this year. The late snow pack in the high country forced an alternate starting location and re-route of part of the morning trail, and the end result was the first 36-miles that rode a lot slower and more challenging than normal due to high levels of dust, combined with some very rocky trails. Weather conditions for a good part of the day were cooler than normal, including rain up at the Robinson Flat vet check all morning. This year, 174 riders and 92 riders finished for an almost-53% completion rate.