The cable broke…Can you make them so they don’t break?

We believe that a boot should come equipped with certain “safety features,” including parts that will serve as a “breakaway” in the event of a bad overreach or the boot getting caught on something in the terrain.  The cable is one of those such parts, and is readily replaceable. However, if you are experiencing persistent […]

Cables won’t slide easily

If you’re experiencing difficult getting the cables to slide while making adjustments, there are several things to try: Start with clean boots. There may be dirt or sand trapped in the cable channel. Soak the boots in a bucket of water, then use a hose to spray out the crevices and channels. Further loosen or […]

Do boots come in blue/purple/pink/other colors?

At this point, no. Part of the boot testing process is extensive UV exposure, and we do not offer colors that have not been proven to hold up to these conditions. Blue, purple, and pink have all been tested multiple times, and those colors in conjunction with the boot material are not UV-stable enough to […]

Boot Sizing Matters!

If you’re having sudden, inexplicable boot retention problems, check your boot sizing. Re-measure your horse’s hooves and check to make sure he’s still fitting into that boot size. Horse’s hooves are not static entities…they grow and change, especially in the case of a shod horse making the barefoot transition. Even horses that have been barefoot […]