The cable broke…Can you make them so they don’t break?

We believe that a boot should come equipped with certain “safety features,” including parts that will serve as a “breakaway” in the event of a bad overreach or the boot getting caught on something in the terrain.  The cable is one of those such parts, and is readily replaceable. However, if you are experiencing persistent […]

Cables won’t slide easily

If you’re experiencing difficult getting the cables to slide while making adjustments, there are several things to try: Start with clean boots. There may be dirt or sand trapped in the cable channel. Soak the boots in a bucket of water, then use a hose to spray out the crevices and channels. Further loosen or […]

Do the cables “stretch” out?

No. The cabling material itself is military grade and will not stretch under torque or pressure. The likely scenario, if your boot cables appear to have “stretched” or lengthened, is that one or both of the set screws within the cable clamp have not been sufficiently tightened down and are slowly letting the cable inch […]

Can the straps be replaced with something else?

We have seen some creativity and inspiration from boot users when it comes to the straps on the boots, replacing the hook-and-loop fasteners with items like stirrup keepers, dog collars, or biothane straps. However, this is not factory recommended and we advise to use caution when using something other than the factory-provided straps. A few things to […]

Boots Twisting

Are you having trouble with your boots twisting or coming off? The majority of the time, this means the boot shell is likely too tight. The Renegade® shells should not be fitted tightly, as a tight-fitting shell is not the primary means of retention. The Renegade® is designed to allow for the natural expansion and contraction […]