photo by Gore/Baylor Photography

Congratulations to Phyllis Keller and Curious George for completing their first 100-mile ride at the Virginia City 100 in September, held in Virginia City, NV. Rad more about this challenging ride here: NASTR Virginia City 100 page.


From Phyllis:


After much soul searching I decided to enter the Virginia City 100 and ride my own ride and get it done.  Happy to say, Georgie and I completed our first 100 mile ride together in his strap on Renegades which stayed on the entire ride.  We had no problems whatsoever. I had people ask questions about them and I told them how much I love them. I pushed them hard. They are truly a great boot!”


photo by Gore/Baylor Photography

Congratulations again, Phyllis and Georgie, on your wonderful accomplishment of completing the Virginia City 100!