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Renegade® Hoof Boots – Horse Boots That Work!

The Renegade Hoof Boot® is a highly-developed horse boot for the barefoot performance horse, designed to be easy to apply and easy to remove, yet stay secure even through the most rugged conditions and grueling tasks. The innovative pivoting heel captivator design accommodates and supports the bio-mechanics of the hoof and leg structure, allowing for natural flexion of both the hoof and the pastern.

The horse boot is comprised of a high-tech polymer compound that is extremely durable and designed to provide grip and traction on a variety of surfaces. It is designed to fit a hoof trimmed in a natural barefoot style, featuring a short toe, low heels, and mustang roll on the wall. The Renegade Hoof Boot® is ideal for high-performance equine sports. They are extremely popular with endurance riders and trail riders, and are also being used with success in a variety of other disciplines.

There are two strap-style models, the Classic and the Viper®; additionally, there is the Pro-Comp® Glue-On also offered. Renegade Hoof Boots® are proudly made in the USA.

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Celebrating July 4th with USA Edition Renegade Hoof Boots!

To celebrate America’s Birthday we are offering a discount site wide of 10% off! We also have a special USA Edition red, white and blue Renegade Hoof Boot. This special edition Renegade Viper boot is also on sale for 17.76% off!  Independence Day Discount codes: 10% (site wide): July4 17.76% [...]

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Renegade Classic Color Chaco Latté is Being Retired

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Renegade Vipers in France!

Hello, I am Catherine Cardinali, from the north of France. I’m riding a new horse Hissane Oujdebenah (we call him Ouj), a purebred Arabian bred for endurance and trail riding. For the first time I went to ride with the 4 Renegade Viper boots (so far only on the front)….impeccable, [...]

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Take a closer look at our Renegade® English Saddle Pad in Pink!

Our Renegade English saddle pad is lightly cushioned, with a waffle quilted underside and pink quilted top with black logo embroidery.Our saddle pads are also available in a jump cut. They are available in pink and black with orange trim.Check out our range of saddle pads here:

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Renegade Hoof Boot Sizing Request Form

Do you need help deciding what size hoof boot your horse needs? Not sure which model is best suited to your horse’s hoof shape? We’re here to help! Please click on our hoof boot sizing request form and submit your information to us. 

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Looking for discounted Renegade Hoof Boots?

“Blemish” stock are new boots that are sold at a discount due to minor cosmetic imperfections such as surface scuffs, color inclusions, or minor surface air bubbles. The blemish marks DO NOT affect the performance or integrity of the boot. Blemish boots are subject to the standard warranty, exchange, and [...]

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Elevate Your Ride! Renegade Saddle Pads

For a limited time until sold out we have special English Saddle Pads available. 20% off through the end of April 2024! 

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Jacqueline Bier in the Alpes with her gorgeous mare in Dragon Fire Red Renegade Vipers!

How incredible is this shot of Jacqueline Bier in the Alpes with her gorgeous mare in Dragon Fire Red Renegade Vipers!We absolutely love seeing where in the world your boots take you so please feel free to share, comment, or tag us in your photos and videos. We want to [...]

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Limited Edition Renegade Viper in Snow White

For a limited time we have white Renegade Viper’s available in Snow White! This makes for 11 different colors available in the Viper model. Check out our Renegade Hoof Boot Store to see if we have the perfect color for your horse. 

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