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+ $24.95

These can be added on to the boots to provide extra grip and traction on snow, ice, slippery grass and leaves, and other similar surfaces.

While they can be used on pavement and dirt, these types of surfaces will wear down the stud inserts much faster.

Note that the studs are not meant to be easily removable.

Horse Hoof Boots Studs
Horse Hoof Boots Studs


No Additional Charge

This custom option will remove between 1/4″ – 3/8″ of excess length from the back of the boot.

This is a good option for horses that overreach and interfere, as the best way to mitigate interference is to have the boots fit as flush to the heel as possible.

Some horses may also have wide, round hooves, necessitating a larger boot size to accommodate the width…but leaving excess boot hanging out past the back of the hoof.  This would be a good scenario to use the cutback option.