Hello, I am Catherine Cardinali, from the north of France. I’m riding a new horse Hissane Oujdebenah (we call him Ouj), a purebred Arabian bred for endurance and trail riding.

For the first time I went to ride with the 4 Renegade Viper boots (so far only on the front)….impeccable, they resisted very well despite the mud, puddles, rivers, slopes, stones, trotting, galloping etc… I am very happy, my horse has regained the same autonomy/speed at the walk as with his shoes…it is validated.

For the moment the only annoying thing is cleaning them after each use…we have a lot of sticky mud in the north of France, especially this year…but to test it’s the extreme conditions so it’s GOOD. My “Sabots sans fers” retailer told me that I was the first in France to use sizes 130*130. I took off the shoes nearly a year ago and my boy is very comfortable.