Kirt Lander - Inventor of the Renegade Hoof Boot

Coal and owner Kirt Lander at an endurance ride in California.

Kirt Lander on Coal and Gina Lander on Tiki at an endurance ride in California.

Kirt Lander is the inventor and developer of the Renegade Hoof Boot, the Renegade Viper Hoof Boot, as well as the Renegade Pro-Comp Glue-On boots. These horse boots have been designed for the barefoot performance horse. They work equally well for the casual trail rider.
A natural hoof care practitioner and educator based in Arizona, USA. Kirt has been trimming horse’s hooves since 2000. He has helped hundreds of foundered horses.
Kirt has competed in endurance for 6 ride seasons and has 1755 miles. His wife, Gina has competed in endurance for 16 ride seasons and has 2545 miles. The Landers’ horses have won regional and national awards. Together, they have thoroughly proved and tested the performance of Renegade Hoof Boot in all types of conditions and terrain.
Their Arabian stallion Halim El Mokhtar, placed first in the nationally acclaimed American Endurance Ride Conference Jim Jones Stallion Award in 2005. Together, Gina and Halim completed 1,120 miles in a single ride season. Kirt completed 1125 miles in that same ride season.
Kirt continues to work on improving the performance of Renegade Hoof Boots. He constantly explores new materials as they become available and is committed to providing the best possible hoof protection, suitable for both the casual trail rider and the world-class endurance competitor.