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Renegade Hoof Boots ColorsThe Renegade Hoof Boot is a highly-developed hoof boot for the barefoot performance horse, designed to be easy to apply and easy to remove, yet stays secure even through the most rugged conditions and grueling tasks.

The movable heel captivator design accommodates and supports the bio-mechanics of the hoof and leg structure, allowing for natural flexion of both the hoof and the pastern.  

The boot is comprised of a high-tech polymer compound that is extremely durable and designed to provide grip and traction on a variety of surfaces. It is designed to fit a hoof trimmed in a natural barefoot style, featuring a short toe, low heels, and mustang roll on the wall.

The Renegade® Hoof Boot is ideal for high-performance equine sports. They are extremely popular with endurance riders and trail riders, and are also being used with success in a variety of other disciplines. They are available in seven sizes and eight different colors. Renegades are proudly made in the USA.

A letter from Kirt Lander, Inventor of The Renegade® Hoof Boot.

“Being heavily involved in the field of “Natural Hoof Care” for many years and competing in endurance events with barefooted horses, I became increasingly frustrated with available hoof boot designs for their difficulty of use and their blatant disrespect for the biomechanical needs of the equine hoof capsule and lower leg.

It became obvious to me that something better was needed not only for the casual trail horse, but most definitely for the barefooted, competition endurance horse.

Possessing a background in industrial design, building construction, metal fabrication and model building, I began my quest to develop the hoof boot of my dreams.

The Renegade® Hoof Boot Is the result of this quest which lasted over three calendar years and consumed an estimated 20,000 “man hours” of development time, coupled with simultaneous “field testing” by over a dozen competition endurance-horse and rider teams covering thousands and thousands of training and competition miles on some of the most rugged terrain in the southwest.

In fact, the Renegade® Hoof Boot was used by Halim El Mokhtar to win the highly coveted American Endurance Ride Conference, Jim Jones Stallion Award in 2005 with 1,120 competition miles recorded in that year.

As the inventor, the developer and now the manufacturer, I can say with great confidence, the Renegade® Hoof Boot is the most thoroughly developed and most highly tested new hoof boot design ever… and all before going to the open market.

My uncompromising design philosophy of putting the horse first has led to a hoof boot design that highly respects the soft tissue of the hoof capsule and lower leg, does not obstruct the movement of pastern bones, does not accumulate significant quantities of dirt and debris, stays on the hoof well for performance work, and is the easiest to install and remove of any high performance hoof boot on the market to date.

Featuring unique pivoting heel captivator technology; if properly sized, fitted, adjusted and installed, the Renegade® Hoof Boot will not rub, not even for distances of 100 miles (Tevis proven) and requires no accessories whatsoever to accomplish this feat.

The Renegade® Hoof Boot has been a long time coming but its arrival represents the unleashing of the inherent performance potential of the barefoot performance horse, providing them with the extra protection they need to achieve unprecedented levels of performance over the toughest of terrain.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the boot as much as I have enjoyed the hard work in bringing it to you.

Kirt Lander, Inventor of The Renegade® Hoof Boot.”

Proudly manufactured In the USA by Lander Industries Inc. 

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