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Return Policy

If we have your size, we can guarantee your success. 

The most common performance problem we see with Renegade® Hoof Boots is rooted in a customer predisposition to order for a tight fit. This is likely due to previous experiences with other brands of boots that rely on this “tight fit” as their primary means of retention. In contrast, Renegade® Hoof Boots utilize cutting edge, patented, Pivoting Heel-Captivator Technology to securely and safely retain the hoof capsule. The horses’ hoof is a dynamic mechanism that not only expands from growth (only to be reduced when trimmed), but also expands and contracts up to 1/8 inch as the horse bears and releases weight on each hoof en-route. The Renegade® Hoof Boot is designed to respect the soft tissue of the hoof capsule and lower leg, does not obstruct the movement of pastern bones. Thus, for proper function, needs to fit accordingly, comfortably, not too tight, with about 1/8 inch of expansion room (after a fresh trim). The primary symptom of a fit that is too tight is boot twisting. If after a ride, your boots are twisted to one side or the other, chances are high that the boot is too small (twisting may also be caused by a boot that is too long). A boot that is too small can easily be resolved by simply exchanging the boot for a bigger size (see below). 

Whatever the case may be the following options are available for your convenience to solve any problems you may have. 

Wash Your Boots Please: 
In any case that you need to send boots back to us, please be sure they are clean, as there will be a $5/boot washing fee if not, thank you. 

Shipping Cost: The original shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable. The customer is responsible for return shipping on returned items unless the return is due to an error on our part such as a disparity between items shipped and items shown on your order, or a manufacturing defect, and within the US (due to shipping costs, international issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis, with your satisfaction still our top priority). Lander Industries Inc. will pay return shipping for exchanges, repairs, etc. 

Shipping Details: Please mail your package via carrier of your choice, prepaid, insured, and traceable to the address below. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR RETURN SHIPPING ADDRESS, CONTACT INFORMATION, AND A NOTE REGARDING THE REASON FOR YOUR RETURN. If your return was initiated via email conversation with us, please include a copy of the email. Sometimes we get returned product with no contact information, resulting in our inability to provide service and an extra boot in our product inventory. 

All refunds will be fulfilled with a check sent to you via postal mail or account credit.

Unused (90 Day): 
You may return any items in unused and “like new” condition within 90 days of purchase. 

Wrong Size (45 Day): 
The vast majority of all Renegade® Hoof Boot function issues are due to the hoof boot being too small. Thankfully for new customers, within 45 days of delivery, our “Renegade® Used Boot Size Exchange Program” allows you to exchange your boots for a different size boot of similar wear from our used boot inventory. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee (45 Day): 
The Renegade® Hoof Boot is the world leader in hoof boot technology, as such, if we produce your horses size, a proper “Natural Style Trim” is provided, along with our world class customer support, we can guarantee your success and complete satisfaction. However, if after allowing us sufficient opportunity to trouble-shoot your issue, you are still unsatisfied, you may return your boots for a tread-wear pro-rated refund within 45 days of delivery. Please return them clean or there will a $5/boot washing fee deducted from the refund. PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to return your boots without working with us or allowing us to troubleshoot, there will be an additional 10% restocking fee incurred.

Manufacturing Defects (90 Day): 
We pride ourselves in offering uncompromising, made in USA quality, and strive to eliminate all functional and structural defects before shipping any product. However, in the rare case that it may occur, we offer a 90 day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Just give us a call and we can either send you the parts you need at no cost to you or send the boot to us for repair. 

No Mileage Warranty: 
Due to conditions beyond our control, there is no warranty for tread wear. A properly moving horse which lands heel first can expect from 300 to 600 miles which varies depending upon the way the horse moves, the type of terrain ridden upon and the speed traveled thereto. If your horse lands toe first or toe heavy, you may experience significantly less mileage in the toe region and more wear and tear on the boot structure. A horse should not be moving in this manner and boot damage or excessive tread wear related to such movement is the fault of the horse and not the hoof boot. There is no warranty for tread wear and no warranty for structural damage caused by a toe first landing. Consult with a hoof care professional for information on how to encourage a heel first landing. 

Our Address: 
Lander Industries Inc. 
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We hope to resolve any issues to your full satisfaction. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.