We have purchased several pairs of your boots and now have 3 horses at home wearing them. We are really pleased with the way they perform and the ease with which they can be applied to the horse. We have used other brands in the past before finding Renegades and have just never been completely satisfied with the other brands.

Jane / Australia

I recently bought a pair of boots from you for my mare and we both LOVE them. It’s been so long since she’s stepped out like she did with the boots!

Raelle / Colorado, USA

Just bought my first pair and tried them today…….WOW! I have tried four other brands for my mare, and NOTHING compares to these boots! They are phenominal! Stayed on through everything, gallops and everything, something no other boot has EVER done. WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT! Thanks Renegade!

Lesley Bryant

I have a set of four of your boots, which are absolutely fantastic. Thanks for a great product. I’ve tried other brands of boots but none are as good as yours.

Leanne / Australia

Big fan of your renegades, they really really worked out for my Paint/Rocky Mountain Cross. I had a bit of a glitch a year into using them and called your company for some support regarding fit and problem solving my issue and they were great and it was resolved. My farrier is also very impressed with them and she intends to order them for her mounts.

Sara / Washington, USA

I purchased boots a few years ago with the gel liner for foundered horses. They are wonderful.

Susan / Massachusetts, USA

I just had to let you know that your boots ROCK! I received mine today, and took my mare out for a 6 mile trot (and a bit of galloping). The boots were easy to install, stayed on and didn’t rub. I was only able to ride on the gravel road today, but Xena never took an off step! Usually she tiptoes around a few spots, but I swear she was trotting a bit faster today. What an awesome product! Thanks again for your help deciding if my horse was a good candidate for your boots, and with choosing a size and then ‘customizing’ it.

Cindy / Colorado, USA

I am very very happy with my ice-boots! I have been the only one in the whole stables who has been able to go riding outside in the ice and snow! It’s the first winter that I don’t care about the weather – it’s amazing!!!!!!

Sarah / Switzerland

I’m looking forward to using your boots. I have one set which I have used a tiny bit…..success so far. And the colours…oh my….fantastic!!!!!!!!

Colleen / Australia

Thank you so much! I love your boots, love the colors, and love that they are made in the U.S.A. by folks who have been there, done that, and want it better.

Karen / Missouri, USA


Christine / California

Thank you for providing such awesome boots for my horse, he and I thank you kindly!

Gregory / California

Thanks for your excellent customer service.

Nancy / Massachusetts

I have received my order and these are the greatest things for snow and ice! I am now able to keep the sliders on my horse so I can keep working him in the winter.

Dawn / Colorado, USA

My horse is much improved with your boots. I am thankful for the Renegade boots. I can tell you how much more relief she gets from the Renegade boots. Thanks for a product that performs exactly what it is advertised to do.

Carol / Texas, USA

Thank you so much for your wonderful product. I just had my farrier come and do a trim and fit of my new boots and I am very happy with them.

Belinda / Australia

I have finally worn out my first set of Renegades after 4 years regular use and need to buy another pair.

Jackie / United Kingdom

I have spent a month road-testing four Renegade boots with my over-striding horse who was previously regularly stripping off his front boots from a mainstream brand. We have gone up hill, down hill, and through mud at extended paces and have had no problems whatsoever with the boots. Not even cantering tight turns in rough country, galloping flat out. The horse is super confident with his feet in rough terrain now. There is also little wear on the soles despite the frequent rocks and going endurance pace. Thanks for a great design. I would recommend these boots to anyone.

Susanne / Australia

My girls still wear their Renegades every time we go out which is nearly every day. We love them. Jessie simply halts and refuses to move if we have overlooked putting on boots. She is happy, confident and comfortable and knows the boots make a difference.

Karen / California, USA

The new boots are great, thanks.

Marace / France

My friend from Brunswick, Canada has ordered boots and is raving about them. My boyfriend is a farrier and will be helping me fit the boots. Hard to decide on what color!

Bev / Canada

Have been using your boots for just over a month-awesome product! Thank you.

Carrie / New Jersey, USA

Well after ordering the boots for my QH Kat with the non-articulating, low ringbone issue, I finally got to start using them consistently at the end of August. I can not believe the difference in this mare now. Even my farrier was impressed at how good she was moving when he was here last week. She had been on layup with only light occasional riding for the past two years. At that time, I was only walking & trotting in a ring with good footing and very slowly as she was not all that comfortable. Now she happily goes out on the trail and we are doing W/T/C with good impulsion, thanks to those boots. I do believe they had some therapeutic value for her. Given that they keep her pain free in work; now she wants to extend her gaits. Thank you so much. I have only done trail riding at my barn, about an hour at a time, but they do stay on quite well even in mud and through creeks and rocky areas. Come spring I will try and get her out on some longer rides.

Mary / Pennsylvania, USA

Dear People at Renegade Boots,

I just wanted you to know how much my horse, Honey, loves her new boots. My husband and I and Honey live in the Texas Hill Country which, although beautiful, is full of rocks. There is only about 6-8 inches of ground soil that willingly gives way to the limestone underneath. When Honey and I would explore the trails here she was return exhausted and stressed from the rocks as she is a barefoot girl and the rocks and stones can’t all be avoided. I had to figure something out so my Farrier, Julie Saf, suggested these boots. She measured her hooves and I ordered. They were easy to get on and once Honey realized that they signaled a comfortable and fun ride she was a different horse on the trail. Now, she knows we are going out and lifts her feet in anticipation as I bring out her boots from the tack room. You have changed her world and made mine better.


Flicka / Texas, USA

I want to thank you for all of your assistance. I love the boots and I am sure that I will be a returning customer. I have also talk with other horse owners to try your product. It is nice to know that in this crazy world today that there are still pleasant people in the world. Have a great day.

Nancy / Pennsylvania

First, I love your boots. I use them for trail riding with my barefoot quarterhorse. They are so easy and convenient. I haven’t put the hard miles on that endurance riders do, but we do encounter a lot of mud, tree roots, rocks and steep trails with blow-down trees to step over.

Kathy / Washington, USA

I am writing to inform you it’s been a year since my Arabian mare has been barefoot with the use of Renegades. I believe it’s important for me to express how happy I am with your product. Since I live in New York the conditions during winter are snowy with ice and wet grounds, and on trail sometimes I have to step into deep frozen puddles.The Renegades prove solid evidence that they can endure such rough conditions and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy my horse safely. Compliments to your company

Michelle / New York, USA

Have been using your boots for just over a month-awesome product! Thank you.

Carrie / New Jersey, USA

I have received my order above, and took my horse out for a ride. I must say the boots worked fantastically. I am over the moon with how well he is moving now. He has always been what I thought was a very lazy horse, but with the boots on his movement is much more free, and he is so much more willing to move froward when asked.

Rebekah / Australia

These are the best boots EVER!!!! and I’ve used them all.

Suzanne / Tennessee, USA

Awesome boots! I finally wore holes in first pair of Renegades. We had many happy trail miles in our boots.

Lynn / Washington, USA

I ordered a pair of red goods about a year ago and LOVE them! I have given away my leading competitor’s boots and the other boots I tried! I wish I had tried yours first!

Elizabeth / California, USA

These boots are so great my yard manager wants some for her riding pony.

Hannah / United Kingdom

We love our Renegade boots and tell everyone they should get some. We have only used front boots but now they will be completely protected. Thank you for making a great product!

Linda / North Carolina, USA